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Russian Navy, Shameless Plug & Puasa

Hello again!

Something interesting had happen near my residential area. The Russian Navy had landed and taken Malaysian shore! Ok, that’s sounded too dramatic and exaggerating. Last Friday, I’d went to high-end and expensive shopping mall to find some mosquito mesh. When I’d entered the shopping mall, my eyes caught something peculiar; Caucasian men wearing Navy attire age around 18 to 30. After two, three glances, I’d identified them as Russian Sailors. About 30 of them scattered around the west wing of shopping mall. I’d thought maybe one of Russian Naval vessel when to port at the Westport. These tall & tough frame guys were enjoying themselves. I’m also saw 4 Marines on my exit of the shopping mall. I’m sure the locals were quite surprised of their presences there.

So, I’d hit on the Net and do some digging about that unusual encounter. I’d found out that the Indian Navy having a joint-naval exercise with the Russian Navy in that week. From the news, a nuclear-powered missile cruiser, Pyotr Velikiy, will be in Goa for that exercise. I’m assumed that most the sailors and marines that I saw last week was from one her convoy escort. They probably had a short visit before joining the convoy to India.

Anyway, you will notice there is a new section had been added to this blog. Those who wander what is it, it’s one my business PC maintenance services I’m doing. If you live in Klang Valley and need SOS about PC/laptop repairing, you can call me. The details are in this page.  You guys can also help me to spread the words to your friends in your social-net.  Just link it to your page/profile.[/plug] =3

If you don’t notice, it’s already 2nd day of Ramadhan. For you guys/girls who are muslim, it’s fasting time. It’s time to tone down your usual activities and man up your spiritual activities while continuing your daily routine (work, school etc).

OK, I’m off. Cheerio

It’s Overrated!

OK. Here we go…

Things that I find overused and overrated around me. The number 1 . Yes, you hear me right. The main single digit number that emphasis you’re the winner, the best among the rest and reflects quality, among other things. Everybody wants to be the best among the rest. The most sought after position in every aspect of life. There’s nothing wrong to be the best but there are limit of its usage. Since the government introduced the policy of being united in one nation, everyone are banking in the idea of putting “1” in their campaigns, products and motto. No, I’m not against the policy (sort of) but I hate people sucking up the idea just to increase their sales and profit.

What’s wrong of being other than numero uno? Does you get number 10 in class doesn’t cut it? Does finishing last in a race means you don’t achieve anything? If everybody want to be the winner, who will be the loser? C’mon. You can learn from your mistake if you lose/fail and improve yourself in the future. If you always want to be number one, you might turn to underhand tactics: make your product very popular by employing the usage of sub-grade components/services in your product, falsely advertise your product and cheat. The whole nine yards. Oh, well, nothing is perfect in this world.

Moving on with the next thing that I found overrated; the exclamation mark, ! (Ironically, both 1 and ! link to each other). I found this punctuation are being use excessively in one of Japan’s biggest industry: animation. They like to abuse ! in much of the popular titles like K-On!, Durarara!! and Toradora!, just name a few. They even use it to show the continuation of the existing franchise. Lot worse than usage of the letter ‘Z’, after one of the Gundam landmark series, Zeta Gundam (even though Zeta is Greek alphabet). They need to come with an original title with a solid story to go with it, because current titles are too shallow for my liking.

OK, I will stop here for a while. I hope you like/dislike my first entry.

‘nough said

Haha! Typical title, like in every damn programming languages. Anyway, I’m breaking from my non- Web 2.0 compliant mold. I’m foreseen lame future ahead of me.